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The subject is our satisfaction with doing business with a top-rated company such as Ridge. Your quality of service is very important to us, as we are often out of the country on extended trips. We have recommended Ridge to friends over the years, and they, too, are satisfied customers.

~Clarence and Eleanor Lewis, Boyiston, Nova Scotia









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What is the CHECKME! Plus program and what incentives are available to me?

Is your home air conditioner or heat pump more than 10 years old, unreliable, seldom serviced, or in need of replacement? If you answered "yes" to any of these, Gulf Power can help you save money with incentives up to $215 for a tune-up and repairs, $150.00 for a fan motor retrofit, or up to $1000 for a new air source heat pump, if your system qualifies for the early replacement incentive. Geothermal incentives are $500 per ton for a new Geothermal heatpump system or $300 per ton for a Geothermal retrofit system. Must be a Gulf Power customer to qualify. Call 763-0331 to schedule your appointment with our CHECKME! Plus Certified Technicians.


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